Supporting the people of the Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary in North West Ghana to alleviate poverty and promote conservation through funding an education programme

Endorsement from The Rt Hon the Lord Boateng of Akyem and Wembley formerly Chief Secretary of Her Majesty’s Treasury and High Commissioner to South Africa

Small locally based charities with a focus on community to community support have a continuing and important role to play in delivering the Sustainable Development Goals.  Significantly they also build global solidarity from the grass roots.  Governments come and go but peoples and their relationships remain.  Growing up in Ghana and having lived and worked in both the U.K. and Africa I know just how much the shared bonds of common humanity between peoples matters in transforming the lives of donors and beneficiaries alike.  Friends of Wechiau is a small charity that punches above its weight with a welcome focus on outcomes and impact The needs it meets are real and ongoing and its work deserves to flourish. I wish Friends of Wechiau continuing success.”