Education programme

We started the education programme slowly in 2005 by funding one student to go to senior secondary school and providing £100 for schools supplies to a local primary schools. As the charity has grown we have increased the number and scope of the scholarships and the amount provided for primary school supplies.  We now provide scholarships to 12 senior high school students on a rolling programme of selecting 4 new students each year for their three year study.  We have occasionally provided funding for scholarship students to continue their education to obtain a professional qualification. Currently we are funding scholarships for senior high school students only.

A local education committee made up of representatives from the sanctuary management board, Savannah Fruits Company (who monitor the disbursement of funds), local schools, former scholarship students, and representatives of the local community decides on who should receive the scholarships and which school should receive the school supplies.

The scholarships have proved to be successful enabling young people to improve their work opportunities and thus, theirs, and their families’ lives.

School supplies

The primary schools in the sanctuary area are very under resourced and the funds provided by Friends of Wechiau are an important addition for the education of young people. We currently provide approximately £165 per year for supplies to be bought for one selected school. The educational supplies are distributed at a meeting at the … Continue reading School supplies


Since the start of the Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary education programme in 2005, 59 education scholarships have been awarded. 53 scholarships were funded by Friends of Wechiau and 10 by the Sanctuary Management Board from other funders. As 3 scholarships were for students receiving an additional scholarship for study to gain a professional qualification this means … Continue reading Scholarships