September 2015 update

We are now into our 11th year of providing educational scholarships. The education program has funded 40 scholarships to study at senior high school and 3 into tertiary education. In 2013/14 three out of the four new students selected for scholarships are female, which is a big step forward from previous years where the the scholarship students have predominantly been male. The four new scholarship students selected in 2014/15 year were 3 young men and one young woman.

The progress of the scholarship students has been impressive at both an individual and community level. Of the 27 scholarship students that completed their studies at senior high school , one has completed their training to be a teacher, and 19 are studying in higher education (13 are training to be teachers, 1 studying for a degree in Civil Engineering, 1 studying a degree in Disability and Rehabilitation, 1 studying to be a health assistant, 1 studying nursing, 1 studying secretaryship and management, 1 studying in hospitality and tourism). We are currently funding one student who is in his final year at university studying education.

In addition to the success of the students educational achievement the sanctuary has benefited by the scholarship students undertaking one year of volunteer work usually as a guide at the sanctuary or as a teacher in a local primary school.

This year a new local primary school, Kantu School have also benefited from new educational supplies donated by Friends of Wechiau.

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